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September 2019 Update

Although we were set to release our album, Bread & Circuses, on Oct. 1st, in mid September our studio computer crashed and we lost some critical audio files. Thankfully, we have recovered most of them, so all is not lost. It was a very difficult decision having to postpone the release date, since we are so excited and eager to share our music, but we had no other option under the circumstances. It's too soon for us to be able to provide an alternative release date, but once we've had a chance to regroup and work out a realistic timeline, we will make that known.

In the meantime! We are VERY excited to share a single off the album, "SOFT," which is one of our very favorite songs from the collection. It's inspired by the protagonist of the dark fantasy novel we are writing, and draws heavily upon long-held classic stereotypes of the decadent French court, touching on figures like Louis XIV and Marie Antoinette. We are massive history buffs, and the French monarchy is one our greatest loves. It was a BLAST to write and record, and we hope you enjoy it as much as we do. Go show it some love:

Cheers xx


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