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About 3RingsLeft

3RingsLeft is a self-producing Indie pop band of three sisters based in Michigan, USA. Combining elements of EDM, classical & baroque music, and cinematic soundtracks, they emphasize profound, storytelling lyrics that draw inspiration from poetry, literature, and film.

The girls first picked up their guitars in 2010. During this time they found making friends a challenge, so they turned to each other, to writing, and to music -- and with music they forged a bond and a path that would shape the course of their lives. That same year they entered and won a national Disney contest. The grand prize included a trip to L.A. to meet the Jonas Brothers, at the time a big inspiration to them (see gallery for pic). During the meeting the girls had the opportunity to perform an original song.


The Jonas Brothers affirmed the girls' talent and encouraged them to keep going and to keep developing their sound. This meeting was a defining moment and solidified their determination to keep working at their craft in the years to come.

At midnight on April 8, 2020, they released their debut album, Bread and Circuses: Volumes 1 & 2 as a playlist of videos on Youtube, meant to be listened to in a specific order. The 19 Indie pop songs unfold a story of decadence, madness, and of hope triumphing over inhumanity. The songs on their 5-year body of work follow the arc of a dark fantasy novel series, The Occasional King, which they're currently writing together.

OUR STORY (release date no longer applicable)

Who's Who


-Oldest sister (age 25)

-Lowest vocal range. Her voice has been compared to Stevie Nicks and Miley Cyrus for its richness and depth.

-Primarily manages the band

-Likes to write songs about evil queens

-Can run in high heels so she should be feared.


-Middle sister (age 23)

-Produces the music, photoshoots, and videos

-Vocally she's been compared to a female Ryan Tedder and Nick Jonas.


-Curly red hair. Might secretly be Merida from Disney's "Brave."

-Short. Just too short to live. Feet never seem to touch the floor when sitting in an armchair.

#2 (6am).jpg

Caeli Rose

-Youngest sister (21)

-Pronounced "CHAY-lee," meaning "from heaven" in Latin

-Spearhead of our biggest writing project, an original dark fantasy novel series

-Highest vocal range (so we give her all the hard parts)

-Taller than her older sisters

-Aesthetic > practicality

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